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Melaluka Trading - Your Comprehensive Grain Storage, Trading And Marketing Contact

Our extensive experience managing grain storage, grain trading and grain marketing for large companies saw us push beyond local markets to Australian grain exports due to our own success. We uphold the standards and quality you'd expect to be associated with your product and use our direct deals to balance flexible sale and purchase arrangements for your situation.

For your grain marketing, storage, sale and logistics solutions we offer our consistent, hard earned experience in the industry and cut the business dealings to the basics: getting the best price for your product or selling you quality stock at a competitive rate.

Our fees are competitive but our service is unparalleled

Our passion for delivering long-term return and forecasting supply and demand is what makes our producer and supplier connections so secure, reliable and consistent. We handle:

Grain Storage

We offer advice on how to store and segregate grades. Our storage solutions are scaled to your operation and we offer secure facilities for grain marketing arrangements

Grain Execution

We like to work on the ground and at a personal level whether you are a grower or looking to purchase. The more we know about you the better we can understand your needs and act quickly when opportunities require decisive action.

Grain Marketing

As grain traders we understand the different grades and quality spreads associated with wheat, barley and other grains. The droughts of the last 10 years had significant impact on markets so we take care to deal with A class consumers, producers and exporters to prevent defaults.

Melaluka Trading- we know grain, we know trading, we want to know you

The first step in our business model is getting to know you so we can tailor our skill set to your circumstances. Pick up the phone or send us an email to start your future in grain with us.