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Melaluka Trading, Grain Traders Geelong | Wheat Futures

Melaluka Trading are specialist commodity traders and accumulators for grain producers and grain industry stakeholders who buy and sell grain in Australia. Our commodity trading firm is built on the sound business practice of trusted relationships with suppliers and consumers, managing the negotiations with integrity and leveraging our extensive experience of the grain trade in Australia to deliver reliable service for a competitive margin.

As a Melaluka Trading client, you'll benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the grain industry as grain traders, a personal approach built at the farm gate and carried through to the grain storage silo, warehouse and consumer door.

Quadra Commodities LogoMelaluka Trading and Quadra Commodities - Bringing You Results in Australian and International Markets

Melaluka Trading are exclusive buying agents for Quadra Commodties, an international grain trading company with offices in Geneva, Singapore and Melbourne. Please contact us for more information.

Melaluka Trading are a member of Grain Trade Australia (GTA).

Speak to a grain trade specialist - contact Melaluka Commodity Trading now.