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About Us

Melaluka Grain Traders developed their business from a passion built on experience

Grain traders Michael Fitzgerald and Simon Pritchard have built a company on the same values they built a partnership- dealing direct, having hands on contact at each stage of the process and keeping an eye to the future. They both understand local markets intimately but also worked in international trading organisations where they honed the logistics and processes they bring to commodity trading.

The Melaluka Trading Grain Traders: Michael Fitzgerald and Simon Pritchard

Company Director Michael Fitzgerald

Michael grew up on a family farm near Geelong. He completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at The University of Melbourne then managed a large scale farming operation in the UK. He has worked in transport and logistics at K&S Freighters before coming back to his passion of agriculture as an animal nutritionist with a stockfeed company in South West Victoria.

Michael's most recent role was with Riordan Grain Services as a commodity trader where he spent 7 years working directly with growers and end-users to achieve the best outcome for all parties.

Company Director Simon Pritchard

Beginning work on his family farm in the wheat belt of WA, Simon quickly expanded to surrounding sheep and wheat farms before branching off to exploration rigs in the WA Goldfields and Pilbara. Simon completed a Diploma of Agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College. In 2000, Simon started at Riordan Grain Services. During his 12 years at Riordan he helped develop a significant grain storage and handling project, developing a thorough understanding of the complex grain marketing needs of the grower and buying requirements of the consumer in particular the different grades and quality spreads of the grains, organising timely and efficient logistics and understanding counterparty risk.

A partnership of skill and experience brought back to basics: personal knowledge and passion

Melaluka Trading is uniquely positioned to respond promptly to your situation with their hands on approach yet operates into the export, domestic and futures markets to get you the best possible grain prices. Michael and Simon have combined the big picture thinking of international organisations with the agility of local traders to bring you Melaluka Grain Trading, your 'hands on' grain traders.